Auto Key Presser

The Auto Key Presser Is the Simplest and Fastest Tool That Quickly Automates the Mobile and PC Keyboard Buttons With an Accurect Playback Function.


Auto key presser enables the user to control which specified key to keep getting pressed repeatedly and how long to wait between each keypress. It can set as low as 10 milliseconds between each key press. It is a handy and hotkey compatible program that automatically controls a key to get pressed many times. The application also provides automatic keystroke simulation for keyboard buttons such as backspace, spacebar, arrow, function, and special keys.

It is .NET lightweight software that intelligently performs multiple input combinations of keyboard buttons and processes silently from the system tray. Its file size is less than approximately 1MB, so you don’t have to wait for more for downloads to complete. The program does not have a feature to stop the process automatically, but it gives full control to use over an application to stop it manually.


Auto Keyboard Presser for MMORPG and Directx Games

Auto keyboard presser is smoothly working with all multiplayer and online MMO and RPG games that use DirectX for full-screen display mode. To hold the key continuously, you can also generate a keypress event for any DirectX game with a specific and fixed time. It will increase compatibility and boost the gaming experience with easy steps.


Main Feature

  1. Set the time delay between each keypress.
  2. Memorize and customize the start & stop function.
  3. Able to launch multiple instances with system tray notification.
  4. Store and save unlimited auto keyboard presses.
  5. Record and repeat back function for all keystrokes.
  6. Perfectly capture buttons that are heel downs.
  7. Able to edit, load, and save script for more advanced functionality.
  8. Support all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  9. Fully supported by multi categories games.
  10. The screen layout is minimalistic and plain.
  11. 100% free to download and use.


How to Use Auto Keyboard Presser Free

Auto key presser comes with an effortless and quick installation and usage instruction given below.

Keyboard Presser Installation

  1. Download the free setup file.
  2. Unzip the setup file using any extractor.
  3. Double click to install the application.

Instructions for Key Presser Mac & OS

The usage instructions for mac and Windows users are the same that are given below.

  1. After installation, launch the application with admin access.
  2. Assign the required keyboard button you want to press automatically.
  3. Select the key combination such as CTR, ALT, and SHIFT key if needed.
  4. Customize the time interval you want for a selected key.
  5. Also, configure the hotkey for the START and STOP.

How to Use Automatic Button Presser for MMORPG and Directx Games

  1. Right-click on the main screen of the application and select “key presser for DirectX”.
  2. Start the installer by clicking yes and move to the next step.
  3. Select the “PS/2 keyboard” from the option and proceed with the installation.
  4. Restart the software after installation and assign your required shortcut buttons for the games.




Free Download Auto Key Presser

The auto key presser offers different downloading versions, such as the old version, free/trail version, and latest full version. These versions come with different feature limitations and performance.

v1.9 Old Version

It works on Windows XP/Vista/2000/NT/Server 2000/2003/2008 and other MAC and Linux OS old versions with all basic functions and features

Auto Keyboard Clicker Free/Trial Version

A Trial or free version is working smoothly on all operating systems with a limited number of features such as less interval time, amount of click restriction, etc.

Full/Latest Version

The latest version is working is super-fast and fully loaded with all features and dedicated design for the latest OS like windows OS 10/8.1/8/7, Mac OS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina/Big Sur, and Linux OS Ubuntu 17.04/18.10/19.10/20.04LTS.


Auto Key Clicker Essential Pros and Cons


  1. Less Expensive and effortless user interface.
  2. Doesn’t need any advanced computing knowledge.
  3. Fewer system resources required.
  4. Make complex tasks easier.
  5. Highly customizable option.


  1. Can’t do multiple tasks at a time.
  2. Doesn’t allow scheduling of recorded runs.
  3. Updating processes may crash down applications and slow down the system.
  4. The trial version allows fewer users and limited time tasking.
  5. If the Windows version is reinstalled, you will have to register the software again.


Application Specification


Developer: Varies with devices
Release Date: 01/2021
Available Version: Free


Category: Utility
Operating System: Windows/Mac/Linux
File Size: varies with devices

System Requirement

Hardware: RAM/CPU
Software: DirectX


Alternative for Auto Keyboard Clicker

There are different alternative tools available online, like auto keyboard clicker, which you can use for office work, tasks, and game automation.

Auto Button Presser

A lot of gamers need a single key pressing multiple times that requires much effort. The button presser app brings the automatic feature and functionality to your PC for any purpose like gaming and heavy tasking.

Auto Key Clicker

It is a programmatic tool and the best solution for creating a unit task. Key Clicker is an intelligent software robot that automates your keyboard clicking and typing to perform your task easily.



Are Auto Keyboard Pressers Safe?

The auto keyboard is 100% safe to use the application on any platform and OS. We scan all the apps one by one on online antivirus and found them totally marvel free. You can also check them before installation for your mental satisfaction.

Is Key Presser Is a Virus?

No auto presser is not a virus or malware loaded, it is a free tool that is used for keyboard auto pressing. You can also use this app to complete different stages of games easily and quickly.

Auto Key Presser How Do You End a Script?

First, you need to open the setting window and set a hotkey stop function. You can set any button for hotkey usage such as num keys etc. After that, you can instantly end/stop the script once you configure it.

How Do I Uninstall Auto Key Presser in Window 95, 98, Me, Nt, 2000?

The process of uninstallation is very simple for window 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000Xp, window 7, 8, 8.1 which is given below.

  1. Click on the “start” button in the system taskbar.
  2. On the popup menu just click on “control panel”.
  3. Now go to the “uninstall or program and feature” option.
  4. Now scroll down and search the required button presser app.
  5. Then right-click on the button presser and click on uninstall.

How Much Disk Space Is Needed for Installing the Auto Key Presser?

The auto presser is a very lightweight software and required less space for installation in your system hard drive but the different version require different disk space and it also depends which OS you have installed, if you have low space in your C partition you can also install it in other partition like D, E, etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Download Auto Key Presser?

Auto presser is free to use applications and requires no cost to download. You can get the button presser for free without paying any credit.

Will This Auto Key Presser Program Works on Any Windows?

This application works smoothly on any version of Microsoft Windows such as XP /Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. It is also supported by other Desktop or PC OS like Apple Macintosh by an open-source code Linux.

How to Make an Auto Key Presser in C++?

To make or build an auto clicker in C++ you need a little skill of C++ language. By using different functions and classes you can code this program. Click on the link to get the full source code and then modify the attributes and variables according to your need.

What Is the Most Clicks in 10 Seconds?

The most clicks in 10 seconds is 141 clicks which is the world record made by the American player named Dylan Allred. A normal player can click 8 to 10 clicks per second very easily.

Can Auto Clicker Get You Banned?

No, you can’t be banned by any website or games if you are using an auto key clicker but if you spam or cheat with a platform strategy then you will get banned. However, you are free to use this application for your own office work or game purposes.

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